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1. You must pick up your attendance card from one of the plastic boxes on the front counter and take it into class with you. When you line up for class, the instructor will collect the attendance cards. The cards will then be marked by a staff member and returned to the boxes. This way we have a record of how many classes you attend.

2. Bow as you enter and leave the school building, and when entering and leaving the do-jang (training room). Bowing is a part of our training that is an international, natural body language showing that you respect yourself and others. Bowing shows that you are healthy and strong, yet have discipline.

3. When addressing a Master or Instructor pleaswe show proper respect by saying "Yes, sir", "No, sir", "Yes, ma'am", and "No, ma'am".

4. New students are invited to attend as many class as possible. Please check the schedule to see which classes are appropriate for you.


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