Little Tigers (Ages 3½ to 5)
Never too young to build self esteem and focus while having fun.

Children (Ages 6 to 10)
Enhances confidence and valuable leadership skills, along with dynamic physical training.

Junior (Ages 11 to 14)
Provides students an opportunity  to become stronger, improve their physical health and self-image, and recognize the rewards of hard work and discipline.

Adult (Ages 15 and up)
It is never too late to start training in Taekwondo. Enjoy a total body work out, including flexibility, strength, and aerobic training, as well as a chance to relieve the stress of everyday life.

A special class where students bring family members to join together and participate in and exciting physical training. 


Board Breaking Days
On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday before the monthly belt promotion test, students have the opportunity to practice and refine their breaking techniques and also gain many personal benefits. All breaking is supervised. 

Weapon Training Days
On Thursday through Saturday on the same week as our Board Breaking Days, our skilled instructors guide students in learning proper weapons technique. These special classes let students gain valuable hands-on experience, enhance coordination, and have fun too! 

Sparring Drill Week
Children blue belt and higher and all junior and adult belts participate in awesome sparring drills, taking what is normally taught in class to the next dimension. 

Sparring Class
Weekly sparring class for students who wish to improve their sparring skill and technique outside of the monthly Sparring Drill Weeks.

Competition Team
This competition team is mainly an introductory/preparatory program to the competitive aspect of Taekwondo. The program is composed of lessons that will teach concepts like sportsmanship, hard work, courage, and commitment, as well as special skill-sets for competitive Taekwondo Sparring, Poomse, and Breaking.

Demo Team
This program will seek to make its members into elite Taekwondo ambassadors, highly capable to showcase their abilities in front of large audiences such as schools, clubs, and local area events.

Staff Team
The purpose of this program is to create charismatic leaders that embody both Taekwondo spirit and wisdom. Students will obtain numerous benefits by being a part of this program while also learning how to teach, motivate, and inspire their peers around them.

Summer Clinic
An intense two-week long training session during which students will learn sparring, form, kicking, and weapon techniques, along with enjoying fun games and snacks together. At the end of the session, each student is promoted one belt level.

Special Events

Family Day
Parents and family join the students to train together. Learn basic Taekwondo skills and share the benefits of training with the whole family.

School Picnic
Students and their families come together for an outdoor picnic. Enjoy food, games, and activities with family, students, and instructors. 

Halloween Party
Come celebrate Halloween at Tiger Kim's! Join us for a fun time with candy, games, and a costume contest!

In-School Tournament
Annual in-school tournament for all ages and all belt levels. A great opportunity for students to demonstrate their skills in front of family and friends and earn recognition for their ability in a friendly competitive atmosphere.

Holiday Party
Tiger Kim's biggest annual celebration! Come enjoy games, music, talent show, lots of delicious food, an exciting demonstration by the Demo Team, and an end-of-year award ceremony to recognize outstanding students!