At Tiger Kim's TKD Center, we have a unique curriculum and class format which was designed by the late Grand Master Tiger Kim, 9th Degree Black Belt, Chairman of Tiger Kim's Tae Kwon Do Association. Our curriculum combines traditional Tae Kwon Do with modernized teaching techniques. We provide avenues of learning to satisfy interest, from development of self defense abilities to physical conditioning to participation in the sport aspect of Tae Kwon Do. Mind, body and spiritual benefits are enhanced. One will learn to have a strong mind, discipline, focus and dedication. The body will develop optimum physical appearance and good health. Spiritually students learn to use the art in all aspects of life. The philosophy learned through Tae Kwon Do allows a deeper understanding of oneself and the essence of being. Through the Ying Yang principle one's own philosophy becomes manifested through hard training.

We do many things to provide incomparable service to our students, including but not limited to: (1) Providing "family classes"; (2) Providing classes divided into separate belt rank levels to insure maximum learning at different levels; (3) Providing classes and facility availability six days per week, over sixty hours per week; (4) Providing large, attractive, well kept, mirrored, air conditioned, carpeted and heated facilities; (5) Requiring that all classes be conducted with the safety of the students as first priority.

At Tiger Kim's TKD Center, we offer "Family Classes" specially designed by Master Tiger Kim to provide a closer relationship between and parents. A great way to spend time together, parents and children will learn to share mutual respect and love for each other. We are pioneers in the field of Pre-Kindergarten Tae Kwon Do, with classes available for children as young as three years old. The emphasis in the children's program is on confidence, discipline, and improved grades in school.